A Sydney-based boutique agency, MemberBoat is a team of passionate professionals who specialise in marketing for industry associations, professional societies, and membership organisations.

MemberBoat supports professional associations and membership organisations with all their marketing efforts, from membership strategy and marketing consultancy through to day-to-day tactical implementation.

With three pillars of our business – traditional and digital MARKETING, member ENGAGEMENT and PROJECT management – we create smooth and interactive experience for your members on every step of their customer journey.

Among our clients


Marketing Crew

Our Marketing Crew is here to help your association develop a strong and engaging brand, so you can attract (and retain!) new members, earn their trust, and position yourself as the industry leader.


Engagement Crew

At the core of every successful association is consistent, informative and interactive communication. Our Engagement Crew is here to keep your communications on brand, on budget, on time and on trend!


Emergency Crew

Conference planning, membership renewals, or the launch of a new program proving a challenge? Let our Emergency Crew handle all the usual headaches while you focus on the bigger picture.


Our services


The MemberBoat team works exclusively with associations, professional societies and membership organisations and we understand your needs and challenges.

Our business focuses on traditional and digital marketing, member engagement and project management. We create smooth and interactive experiences across every step of your members’ customer journey.

We believe that marketing for professional associations isn’t about pushing information about events and member benefits onto your audience. Marketing to associations is all about establishing credibility, earning trust, fostering purpose and belonging. It’s about creating value beyond financial perks.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a multi-faceted approach to growing your association and engaging with your members and prospective members. It can include digital marketing strategy, AdWords, content, email and social media, all connected by the unrivalled efficiency of modern marketing automation.

Content Marketing

Relevant industry content is one of your association’s most valuable propositions. However, in this age of information overload and the changing nature of information consumption, a lot of association executives feel confused and overwhelmed. See examples of how we helped associations answer these big questions.

Project Management

Association life is rarely plain sailing. Association professionals constantly skip between different projects and wear a variety of different hats – one day an association executive is organising a multi-day conference, the next day launching a new website section, and the day after dealing with membership renewals. It’s a challenge, but you don’t always have to work alone.

Membership Engagement

The most valuable asset of your association isn’t your services, or your branding, or even your team. Your most valuable asset is your membership. Successful associations all have one thing in common: by engaging their communities, and developing a meaningful relationship with their members, they are able to inspire real connections that motive change.

Graphic Design

Infographics, interactive brochures and engagaging online forms and surveys can all help deliver the key messages of your overall brand (re)development or specific materials such as membership brochures, annual reports, websites and social media marketing banners. See examples of our work

Email Marketing

Emails remain the No. 1 communication tool among association marketers and there’s no doubt you have a lot to say about your association. From general event announcements, newsletters and research results to personalised welcome or renewal letters and membership surveys – every email counts. Your association’s ability to communicate with the industry is absolutely critical to present and future success.

Event Photography

It is important to capture the moment of member smiles at networking events and unforgettable emotions at award ceremonies, special guest speeches and conference presentations. Whether you're planning to post photographs on your website or social media pages, or use them in a future annual report, publication or promotional materials, we have you covered. See our gallery of recent events.


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