The Professional Associations Youth Research

How well does Gen Z understand the role and benefits of professional associations for their members and industries as a whole?

To answer this important question, MemberBoat recently partnered with YouthInsight – the market research arm of Student Edge – to conduct a survey of 600+ students across Australia aged 16 – 29 years.

Research Objectives

  1. Understand general KNOWLEDGE AND ATTITUDES of young people towards Professional Associations
  2. Evaluate what is most IMPORTANT for young people joining the workforce
  3. Understand how to ATTRACT AND ENGAGE young people to become members of Professional Associations

Category: Younger Membership, Market Research

Date: May 2018

Summary of insights

  • LACK OF KNOWLEDGE about Professional Associations is the BIGGEST BARRIER in attracting young people.
  • HIGHER EDUCATION intuitions are the PRINCIPAL SOURCE OF AWARENESS about Professional Associations.
  • NETWORKING AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT are the most important services sought out by young professionals.

Attract Members of Tomorrow

In our ongoing pursuit to understand and attract Members of tomorrow, we’ve created a partnership with YouthInsight, a research arm of Student Edge, to focus on the future generation of association members. This collaboration provides us access to the largest member-based organisation of high school and tertiary-based students in Australia with a million members. If you would like to talk to young people in your industry, please, reach out to discuss the research opportunities.