As membership professionals get set for another important year, we must remind ourselves of the one shared resolution that truly matters – to continually enhance our connection with the people we represent. In other words, how can we engage members over the next 12 months on a meaningful level they have never previously experienced?

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In Membership 2018. Australian trends and predictions, we speak to membership specialists about the key trends they believe will shape and define the industry in 2018. Among many insights, the experts highlight the need to adapt our communication with a younger generation of professionals on the rise, improve our own professional standards and industry expertise, and lead our members into a future characterised by innovation and inspiration.

At MemberBoat we proudly stand at the forefront of these bold endeavours. Research tells us young people are the future of successful membership organisations, meaning a more committed approach to these up-and-coming professionals is our number one priority. We also recognise the potential value in a shift of focus from content and events marketing towards building stronger communities and protecting professional standards.

Of course these trends and predictions only form the beginning of our efforts to better understand the future of the membership industry and the positive role to be played by membership agents. We invite you to continue the conversation by leaving a comment below. Together we are always growing.