Social Media For Associations: Not How To, But Why

Why does your association need to use social media? In [dt_year], when virtually every organisation has a social media presence on at least one platform, this question might sound ridiculous. Yet surprisingly few association executives can actually answer it. Sure, you have a presence. You need a presence. But what purpose is it serving? What goals is it helping you achieve? Why do you spend valuable time and resources on social media activities?

The Art Of Digging Deeper: How To Make Membership Segmentation Work For Your Association

Let’s talk about segmentation. While this is definitely not a new word for association managers, perhaps the concept requires greater thought if we are to use it effectively. Yes, technology advancement has made it easier to create smaller groups within your membership and to tailor your offerings to those sub-sections. In theory this is a big win. It should help you achieve your association’s engagement goals.