MemberBoat supports professional associations and membership organisations with all their marketing efforts, from membership strategy and marketing consultancy through to day-to-day tactical implementation.

With three pillars of our business – traditional and digital MARKETING, member ENGAGEMENT and PROJECT management – we create smooth and interactive experience for your members on every step of their customer journey.

Marketing Crew

Full-time marketing. Part-time costs.

The MemberBoat team works exclusively with associations, professional societies and membership organisations and we understand your needs and challenges. We believe that marketing for professional associations isn’t about pushing information about events and member benefits onto your audience.

Marketing to associations is all about establishing credibility, earning trust, fostering purpose and belonging. It’s about creating value beyond financial perks.

Our Marketing Crew offers you a complete marketing department with skilled experts available to help you with traditional, digital and social media marketing.


    We support associations throughout every step of their digital marketing journey. Whether you need an assessment of your digital assets (your website, emails, or social media profiles), development of a social media strategy, or implementation of digital marketing initiatives or email design, MemberBoat is here to help.


    Relevant, unique, thought-provoking content engages existing members while attracting new ones. It adds tangible benefit to your membership packages. Mediocre content is not enough these days— only consistent, compelling and highly beneficial content can connect with your member base in a meaningful way.


    From event branding, micro websites and mobile apps, right through to lead generation, marketing automation and streamlining event administration processes, we make event marketing stress-free. We combine our top-notch expertise with valuable tools to ensure your event is a profitable, member-engaging success.


    MemberBoat is your complete, budget-friendly marketing department solution. Why hire a new team member when you can enjoy access to our diverse range of skills at an affordable rate? Our team is made up of experts in traditional, digital and social media marketing, as well as designers and content writers, all of whom have an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing the Australian association sector.

Engagement Crew

Let’s face it. Communication is everywhere. And that is why associations exist

The most valuable asset of your association isn’t your services, or your branding, or even your team. Your most valuable asset is your membership.

Successful associations all have one thing in common: by engaging their communities, and developing a meaningful relationships with their members, they are able to inspire real connections that motivate change.


    Your members don’t want to see themselves as Member IDs. They expect to receive personalised communication from you at convenient times, in their preferred formats. By personalising video messages, membership renewals through SMS, and strategies around your members’ customer journey, you can increase member engagement and retention rates.


    Great conversationalists are great listeners—while it’s important to engage with your members via social media and the like, soliciting structured feedback is vital. We build surveys that reveal your members’ needs, enabling you to develop the services they really want.


    Associations have long been exploring ways to attract and inspire young members. Research shows that 61% of professionals join professional associations in the first 5 years of their career. In partnership with YouthInsights, our team will help you understand what drives GenZ to take action. We will help you become more relevant to the younger demographic and understand how to gain their loyalty, trust, and ultimately, their ongoing support.


    Associations are central to their industry, offering a wide range of expert knowledge and news. With an effective strategy in place, your information platforms (whether printed publications, newsletters or online portals) should demonstrate cutting-edge thought-leadership and become a valuable revenue stream.

Emergency Crew

You can do everything, but you can’t do everything.

When you run an association, there are so many jobs that need to be taken care of — from the day-to-day needs of your members, right through to all the usual administration and financial business requirements.  Add a major event or the roll-out of a new program to all the ‘business as usual’ tasks, and sometimes you can feel like you’re drowning.

Let our Emergency Crew handle all the usual headaches while you focus on the bigger picture.


    We help associations and member societies to manage awards programs, develop CPD and accreditation programs, and produce all types of publications. We support associations in their event marketing efforts, from event branding to social media facilitation during the event.


    The choice of technological solutions for associations can be complex and time consuming. We will help you navigate through dozens of different membership, event administration, survey, on-line forms and landing page software options to find an optimal, cost-effective mix.


    Do you find the membership renewal process stressful? There are many ways to simplify this process both for your Members and membership team. An easy membership renewal process means analysing your members’ customer journey, reviewing your member benefit packages and sending them engaging and personalised renewal notices at convenient times.


    If implemented correctly, sponsorship should be a prime opportunity for organisations to establish new and consolidate existing relationships. We design, sell, deliver and report on sponsorship programs that achieve these precise goals—programs that are profitable for both you, and your sponsors.​

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