Is it time to tidy up your digital presence?

There’s no doubt we live in a digital world. It’s likely your association owns multiple digital assets that you deal with every single day. This could be your website the core of your digital ecosystem, numerous social media accounts and groups, subscription and feedback forms, information about you on partner websites, or customer comments about your brand. 


But the chances are your digital space is cluttered and unorganised. Perhaps your website pages are often outdated, or you may even have lost track of how many social media groups your association has opened over time.

Sound familiar? You need a digital clean-up!

Every now and then we need to declutter our homes and work desks. In a similar way it’s also important to regularly check your systems, make sure everything is running smoothly, and manage a digital ecosystem that provides an excellent experience for your members.

What is the Digital Clean Up Challenge?

Does your digital presence need a refresh?

In July the MemberBoat team is running a FREE Digital Clean Up Challenge to declutter, systemise and fine-tune your digital assets. And to make sure your members can easily navigate your space!

Is digital clutter confusing your members?

Whether it’s outdated pages or elements on your website, inactive social media groups or mentions with broken links on your partner websites, the Digital Clean Up Challenge will provide you with an easy to implement, step-by-step action plan to help refresh your digital presence. 

What's included?

4 weeks | 3 actionable tasks each week | 2 live Q&As to get your questions answered

Week 1 Take control
Your own platforms

During the first week we'll review the platforms and content you own and can control, but sometimes forget to check all the assets. We'll go through your website, automated emails and other software elements that are easy to miss.

Week 2 Social check-in
Check your social media presence

During the second week of the challenge we'll review your social media platforms and optimise your presence. At the end of this week, we'll have a Q&A call to answer any questions you may have so far.

Week 3 Don’t hide, seek attention!
Make sure you're easy to find

Life would be easier if we only had information on our own platforms, but in reality we often send information to our partners in order to broaden our presence. During this week we'll check your old partner links, learn about third-party tools to broaden your presence (like Google My Business), and improve search results to make sure you’re easy to find.

Week 4 What's out of your control
The voice of your audience

While you're fully in control of your website and can influence and change your social media platforms, your digital presence is also defined by things totally out of your control like reviews or comments on social media. During this week we'll learn the tools and techniques for improving how you listen and respond to what people say about your association. At the end of this week we'll also run a wrap up Q&A session to address any questions you might have had throughout the process.

By the end of the Digital Clean Up you will:

Receive actionable tools

During the challenge we'll send you three emails per week with fillable and printable workbooks, so you can track your progress.

Update your content

Have your broader digital presence sorted, such as Google My Business and Partner websites.

Learn how to audit your website

Do the SEO and content website audit to find your website's weak points and issues to address.

Tidy up your social presence

Perform an audit of your social media assets to update, merge or consolidate multiple accounts.

Broaden your presence

Make sure your website has the best digital presence with business search set-up, directories and partner websites.

Check what people say about you

Check existing discussions about your brand and learn the best practices for how to respond.

The Digital Clean Up Challenge Starts in...


Ready to join?

Register today, it’s FREE! The challenge starts on Thursday, July 1, 2021.